8     The Class of '66

The second intake of Computer Science undergraduates held a Reunion Dinner the day before the Party.

                CCo      SYo       RHa  BPa                    KEY
        * *         DLe     BBu     ARo       *JCl   PBo
           MKi      DOt       LDa PBu   CBi     SEd     *
                           RWh             GFr      RPh

CBi  Chris Biscombe      LDa  Lucy Davies        DLe  Dik Leatherdale
PBo  Pete Boyce                 (now Tedd)       DOt  Dave Otway
BBu  Bill Buffam         SEd  Susan Edmondson    BPa  Brian Parsons
PBu  Phil Burke                 (now Clucas)     RPh  Roger Phillips
JCl  John Clucas         GFr  Gordon Frank       ARo  Anne Rogers
CCo  Chris Coatesworth   RHa  Roger Haigh        RWh  Rob Whittingham
                         MKi  Mike King          SYo  Steve Youle

* These are some wives of those present -- apologies for not identifying
ladies not in the 1966 class.


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