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Life in the 1940's footage

(Footage begins with 1945 appearing on the timeline)

Narrator: 1945 is undoubtedly one of the most momentous points in the history of the British nation. After six long years the war is over. The world becomes a safer place as countries throughout the globe come together to form the United Nations. And it's a shock for the great wartime leader Mister Churchill. The people vote for change, and the Labour party sweeps to power in a landslide victory. ... is taking off again as the RAF reveals it's new Vampire jet. This sleek new aircraft is there to protect our skies.

(Change of year to 1946 as indicated by the footage)

On to 1946, and the aeroplane is still making the news. This time as the first civilian flight takes off from Heathrow Airport. As we mourn the passing of the inventor of television, Mister John Baird. Some believe the television will soon be as familiar as the wireless. The academic geniuses of tomorrow could come from any walk of life. It's all down to the Governmentís free university scholarships. A few bob extra, thatís their goal now. These boys who thrill thousands with their skills are threatening to strike. This new invention, the Ball Point Pen writes smoothly and easily, and no blots. Pity we can't write off ration books yet. Sorry, Missis Brown, but you still can't have all the bread you want. You can have BBC Television again though. Absent during the war, the service was recently reopened.

(Change of year to 1947 as indicated by the footage)

1947 heralds Britainís peacetime atomic age. The new reactor at Harwell has been safely installed. John Cobb has just set a new land speed record at a breathtaking 394 miles per hour. At Epsom, the first photo finish has been installed. No arguments now about the winner. The Edinburgh Festival is a new idea showcasing the performing arts. You can't beat a royal wedding. And her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh treated us to the fairytale wedding of the year.

(Change of year to 1948 as indicated by the footage)

1948 shivered it's way in with one of the worst winters in living memory. What a freezer. But our hearts were soon warmed by the arrival of Prince Charles. Who knows what future has in store for this little chap. Another proud moment for the nation sees Britain host the first Olympic games since Hitlerís Berlin. A proud sporting moment for Manchester as United wins the cup. Matt Busbyís team thrill Wembley in a classic final. ... behind the Governmentís new National Health Service. It means free healthcare for everyone. A model for the rest of the world.

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