The 1946 Moore School Course

The Moore School Course gives a comprehensive State of the Art summary of thinking on the proposed first generation of stored-program electronic digital computers in August 1946. The main items missing were the extant reports on the EDVAC proposals (taken as read at the course), the first preliminary report on the IAS machine, and the (as yet unpublished) work of Turing on the ACE design.

All this is pertinent to these pages as it represents the progress already made towards stored-program computers by the time Freddie Williams decided to try and solve the problem of an effective electronic storage for computers. This was the starting point of the Manchester story.

A list is given of the full set of 48 lecture titles and authors.

In addition a digest of the last volume of the lectures (34 to 48) has been written, for those lectures for which there is a record, with a covering page giving an Introduction and Background to the Moore School Course in general and to the digest.

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