You can obtain software that simulates the Manchester Mark I prototype machine, the Baby, from the Computer Conservation Society's ftp archive. Three different (PC-based) versions were available in 1996 :
By Andy Molyneux at the University of Manchester. This was on public display at the press launch of the SSEM Rebuild Project, 5th March 1996. You'll need a 486 or above with a Super VGA (SVGA) card and a DOS mouse driver. Features "snapshots" - programs that are ready for you to run and watch what happens - as well as the opportunity to try programming for yourself!
By Lee Wittenberg,, for MSDOS
also Lee Wittenberg, for Windows. Both the above are from

The Simulator made available for the Programming Competition run as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations was derived from the Andy Molyneux version, and some Alternative Simulators are also listed.

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