BBC News 1948

(Footage begins with mathematic equation on a blackboard)

Narrator: Manchester University, where anyone who urgently wishes to know whether 2 to the power of 127 minus one is a prime number or not, can be given the answer by an electronic brain in 25 minutes instead of by a human brain in six months.

(Footage changes to show men operating large machinery)

Setting the machine for this kind of problem takes a week. Then the brain is switched on and impulses passing to the computer make the actual calculation.

(Scene changes to show different camera shots of the large machinery)

The computer itself contains 1500 valves. The brain at present is only in the experimental stage. The answer being read from a Cathode-ray-tube.

(Scene changes to Scientists taking notes from machinery)

Later an automatic keyboard will type the answer.

(Footage ends)

End of transcript