Animation13 launches on Monday 24 September 2012

Calling all school students aged 7 - 19! Make a computer animation and win great prizes!

You can use Alice, Scratch, Adobe Flash, Serif: Draw Plus, KoolMoves, SWiSH Max4 and Blender - make a 1-minute animation. Full details. And to celebrate Alan Turing Year (2012) we have a special prize for animations about Turing and his work. Full details.

New for 2012!

This year we are partnering with Computing At School to also host their "Codebreaker". Codebreaker is a Greenfoot-based progamming competition for schoolchildren from Key Stage 3 up to 16-plus. Animation12 and Codebreaker are separate competitions, but you can register and submit entries for both using our website.

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Teachers Area

Please register, with no obligation, and keep in the picture! If you have previously registered, please log in.

if you're interested in entering your students for Animation12, please take a moment to check the Competition Rules, FAQ's, TOP TIPS and our new Animation Bank virtual resource centre.

All registered teachers will receive free posters and flyers (while stocks last).

Animation Bank

A repository of information, resources, tutorials and links for participants in the UK Schools Computer Animation Competition.

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UK Schools Computer Animation Competition is hosted annually by The University of Manchester, School of Computer Science.