Software you can use

You can use any of the following software for creating key-frame animations for the UK Schools Computer Animation Competition:

Why do we restrict the eligible software? To try to create a reasonably level playing field, so we can judge like against like.

A note about stop-motion animation

Please note that stop-motion animations are not eligible for the competition. We’ve taken this decision for two reasons. First, because we wish to focus on key-frame animation, which has close analogies with computer progamming (sequences, iteration); and second, because key-frame animation and stop-frame animation are significantly different approaches to animation, using very different skills and achieving very different results.

We are often asked if the following packages are eligible for creating entries to be submitted to the competition, and we regret that they are not.  2Simple 2animate, I Can Animate, iStopMotion, Logotron’s Revelation Sight & Sound, Zu3D. This is not an exhaustive list. If in doubt, please contact us.