e-safety awards

The BCS e-safety animation competition

Animation 15 is delighted to partner with BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Entries to Animation15 on the theme of e-safety will be eligible for special awards sponsored by the BCS. You don’t have to tag your entry in any way, we’ll identify entries on the theme of e-safety and make sure they’re judged for the BCS awards.

What is e-safety?

Staying safe online is very important for everyone. We all assume that because we know how to use a PC, tablet or smartphone that we also understand how to keep safe online.

However, being digitally adept isn’t the same as being digitally savvy and so the BCS wants schoolchildren to create an animation film to help share their tops tips for staying safe online. The winning Animation14 entries will be used to promote e-safety widely.

Some of the top tips your animation could cover include:

  • Check and use privacy settings on your social media sites; you don’t need the whole world to see your pages, just your friends and family
  • Keep your personal details safe, don’t share them online
  • Only accept ‘friend’ invites from people you know in the real world – block other invites if you need to
  • Think before you post; be careful about what you post online, it’s very easy to post something you will regret later and it can be difficult to remove it
  • Talk to your parents or teachers if you see something that upsets you; they can help you block it or remove it
  • Don’t reply to any bullying messages, keep the messages and show your parents or teachers
  • Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are
  • Be careful and treat others as you would like to be treated
  • If you wouldn’t say it or do it in the real world, then don’t do it online
  • Don’t reply to spam texts, emails or messages
  • Be careful if you’re downloading music, films or images – you may be breaking copyright and you may accidentally download a virus

Teachers: BCS provide a lesson plan, to give you some ideas (information courtesy of BCS e-safety certificate; more information can be found at www.bcs.org/esafety).

Here are some useful links to help you find out more about how to stay safe online are: