Digital 60 Manchester - 60 years of the Modern Computer

Play with the Baby

Race the Baby!

race the baby

David and Goliath? Have a race to find out how your tiny phone compares to the huge Baby.

Pitch your mobile against the Baby and other people's mobiles to discover which is fastest.

Inside The Baby's Mind

Discover the secret behind the Baby's Memory – 'Williams tubes', the first in the world!


Washing machine control switchComputers everywhere!

With embedded computers you may be using a computer and not realise it! Find out how computers pervade every aspect of our everyday lives.

mobile phone held in right handPerformance in your hand

Discover how technology has developed in 60 years.

Screen from Baby showing green dotsInstructing Baby

Find out what the flashing dots mean and discover what the Baby could do.

Hand programming the Baby Programming Baby

Discover how to tell Baby what to do, and how computers have got easier to control!