A Graduates Dinner was held on Saturday June 20th in the Whitworth Hall, with around 200 attendees. The Guest of Honour was Sir Brian Jenkins, President of the British Computer Society. This was not solely for people connected with the Department, or computing in Manchester over the last 50 years, but obviously they formed a significant component. This dinner was organised by Patricia.Ross for DARO (the Development and Alumni Relations Office).

On Thursday June 18th, on the evening of the first day of the Golden Anniversary Conference, there was a special dinner by invitation for people associated with the distinguished history of computing at the University; this was held in the Whitworth Art Gallery.

On Thursday June 18th there was also a special Reunion Dinner for the graduates of 1969 (the second year of graduation from the Department of Computer Science) organised by Lucy Davies (now Tedd) and Anne Rogers (see photo).

On Friday evening June 19th there was a party for present and past members of the Department, in a marquee put up ouside the IT Building, with buffet and music (see photos).

The 1998 Conference Office was delighted to hear from many people with a connection with Computing at Manchester, especially from people involved in the early years. The Office and the Department are very happy to continue to hear from such people, and it is hoped to keep a log of contacts and to establish a network of related people.

You are very welcome to tell us about your connection with Computing at Manchester. If your connection is from the early years (say pre 1965) we would be especially interested in what you did. If you are a graduate from the Department of Computer Science we will be especially interested in a summary of what you have done since you left. You can email or fill in the form for (Computer Science or other departments) or other personnel as appropriate.

Thankyou for people who have already used the forms. In the end not that many people have used them so far and (coupled with the general punch-drunkedness of people involved at this end leading up to the week of June 15th) no attempt was made to set up networking in time to be useful to help people meet each other at the Celebrations. But all information has been logged, and the Department is planning to keep the operation open permanently, and keep its own data base on past associates, possibly in connection with the Alumni Office. Obviously we will advertise any new arrangements in this section if and when they come into place.