Benchmarking framework available for testing

We’ve released a test-ready version of the benchmarking framework we’re planning to use for the reasoner evaluation competition. Reasoner developers may download the scripts, jars and examples from our repository.

In order to use the benchmarking framework, participates need to create a simple reasoner wrapper and edit the execReasoner shell script in the framework to execute various reasoner tasks. More information can be found along with the code onĀ If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the organisers.

Please note that the internals of the benchmarking framework may change. The purpose of the current release is mainly to test the interface and ensure that the reasoners can be executed from the framework.

System description submissions

If you are planning to participate in the competition, we strongly encourage you to submit a system description of your system. Please submit via Easychair by 3rd May 2013 (extension is possible if requested). Details about paper submissions can be found on the Call for papers page.

System submissions

The submission deadline for the reasoner competition is the 27th June 2013. Details can be found on the Competition page.