Ontology submissions

We invite all researchers to submit challenging ontologies for use in the reasoner evaluation competition! We accept ontology submissions from both authors of research papers that have been submitted to ORE this year, as well as any other “challenging” ontologies. Please submit:

  • The ontology file (or files) in a standard OWL syntax (ideally functional syntax, but we can convert) OR
  • A link to the download location of the ontology file(s)
  • If you have *not* already submitted a research paper about the ontology, please also include:
    • the name of the OWL profile for which the ontology was designed (if applicable)
    • a short description of the purpose/application of the ontology
    • a short description of why the ontology is considered to be challenging

 Please email all submissions to the workshop organisers: ore2013@easychair.org

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the ontology submission.