Registration for ORE 2013 and DL 2013 now open!

Registration for the Description Logic workshop is now open, and the same registration system is used to register for the OWL Reasoner Evaluation workshop. To register for ORE (or both DL and ORE):

  • Visit and sign up for an account.
  • Continue to the registration page  “Step 2 of 4: Event and Item Selection” and select the appropriate checkboxes.
  • Complete the registration and payment.

The registration fees for the ORE workshop day on the 22nd July are as follows:

  • Early (before June 25th): 50 EUR regular / 30 EUR students
  • Late (on or after 25th June): 70 EUR regular / 50 EUR students
Registration fees include coffee breaks and lunch.
If you would like to additionally register for the DL workshop, the early fees are 250 EUR regular / 150 EUR students, late fees 300 EUR regular / 200 EUR students. DL also has a limited number of student grants available for attending the DL workshop. Please check the DL website for details.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Ulm!

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