Invited Speakers

  • Franz Baader

    Unification and Related Problems in Modal and Description Logics
    Abstract. Unification modulo equational theories was originally introduced in automated deduction and term rewriting, but has recently also found applications In
    modal logics and description logics. In this talk, we review problems and
    results for unification in description logics, and relate them to equational
    unification and unification in modal logics. Related problems, like
    disunification, rigid E-unification, and admissibility of inference will also be considered.

  • Emil Jeřábek
    Rules with parameters in modal logic
    Abstract. While admissible rules and unification are fairly well understood in
    transitive modal logics, rules with parameters have so far received
    less attention. We know from the work of Rybakov that admissibility
    of rules with parameters is decidable and complete sets of unifiers
    are computable for basic transitive modal logics. In this talk, we
    will discuss other aspects of rules with parameters in basic
    transitive logics, such as the computational complexity of
    admissibility and unification, and bases of admissible rules.