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School of Computer Science UK Schools Computer Animation Competition 2011
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About Animation11 Competition

  • We invite UK schoolchildren aged 7-19 to create an animated film using their computer, and submit it to the competition. On-line submission is now open!
  • Entries can be from individuals, or groups (of up to 4 members).
  • All entrants will receive certificates, and winners will receive prizes ranging from laptops to gift vouchers.
  • Winners will be invited to the exciting Animation Festival and Prizegiving day at @the Martin Harris Centre, Manchester.
  • Entries are submitted in 4 age categories (KS2, KS3, KS4 and 16-plus).
  • The maximum duration of an entry is one minute.
  • Animations must not be interactive - they must run as standalone animations.
  • Entries must be created using one of the following programs: Alice, Scratch, Adobe Flash and Serif. We regret we cannot accept entries made using other programs.
  • Read the full rules for the competition.
  • Still got questions? Check the FAQs.