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School of Computer Science UK Schools Computer Animation Competition 2011
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Press Release


Download the Animation11 Press Release in: | PDF format (size: 100K) |

Note to editors: If you use this material in any announcements or published articles, we'd be very grateful if you could send us a link to your article.

Downloadable Competition poster and flyer PDF


Animation11 Posters and flyers will be available in November 2010, and will be sent free of charge to all registered teachers.

Flyer: A5 (2 sided) | 100dpi (750KB) | 300dpi (4.7MB)

Poster: A2 | 100dpi (28.7MB) | 300dpi (1.3MB )

Note: Registered schools receive free A2 posters and A5 flyers (while stocks last).

Downloadable Competition logo GIF


3250x1040 px transparent background, large (44kb)

320x90 px transparent background, animated (124kb)

320x90 px transparent background, animated (76kb)