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Golden Anniversary Conference

(Day 2 Speakers and Coffee Breaks)

We have not got pictures of all the speakers (apologies to Peter Stow, Keith Bellamy and John Mashey; Mike Brady can be viewed at the Launch Event, and John Gurd and Steve Furber on our Departmental Research pages!)

  1. Waiting for the Coffee Interval
  2. A Coffee Interval (Day 1)
  3. Richard Brook and Howard Barringer at the EPSRC Stand
  4. Roger Needham Speaking
  5. Robin Milner Speaking
  6. Robin Saxby Speaking

1.Waiting for the Coffee Interval

Waiting for the Coffee Interval

A student eating and relaxation area, awaiting a Coffee Break. In the middle left you can see a Departmental display cabinet, containing e.g. part of a Williams-Kilburn CRT store (at the near corner), and to its right are posters put up for the occasion.

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2 A Coffee Interval (Day 1)

The main student relaxation area (to the left of the above picture) at a Coffee Break. In the foreground chatting can be seen Left to Right Eric Dunstan (XTS), Bernard Richards (XS), Jeff Rohl (XTS) and Dave Aspinall (XTS). The latter three all spent time at UMIST after their time at the Department.

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3 Richard Brook and Howard Barringer at the EPSRC Stand

Professor Richard Brook gave the opening address on Day 2 of the conference, in his capacity as Chief Executive at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Professor Howard Barringer, after a five year spell as Head of the Department of Computer Science, had moved on to be Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Manchester.

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4.Roger Needham Speaking

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5.Robin Milner Speaking

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6.Robin Saxby Speaking