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Open Day Gallery

The Department held an Open Day on Saturday June 20th. Manchester Computing (on the ground floor of the Computer Science Building) also held an Open Day the same day.

  1. A Virtual Reality Demonstration
  2. Micromouse -- Behind the Scenes
  3. Micromouse -- A Mouse in a Maze
  4. Micromouse -- A Modest Winner?!
  5. Tom Kilburn with Joe McCormick
  6. Tom Kilburn with Diana Leach

1.A Virtual Reality Demonstration

The Advanced Interfaces Group ran a series of demonstrations during the Golden Anniversary Conference and the Open Day. Here the audience (fitted with 3-D spectacles) are watching a stereo navigation around an offshore gas station.

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2.Micromouse -- Behind the Scenes

Micromouse -- Behind the Scenes

One of the Departmental Laboratories was taken over by the Micromouse competitors to set up and test their mice.

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3.Micromouse -- A Mouse in a Maze

Micromouse -- A Mouse in a Maze

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4.Micromouse -- A Modest Winner?!

Micromouse -- A Modest Winner?!

The prizes were presented by Dr. Michael G. Rodd, I.E.E. Deputy Secretary, on the left, with Professor Steve Furber of the Department of Computer Science, centre. In fact the boy is not the winner of the Junior Competition, but he is holding up the certificate of his father, on the right, the winner of the Advanced competition, Dave Otten from the US.

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5.Tom Kilburn with Joe McCormick

Tom Kilburn with Joe McCormick

Professor Tom Kilburn with Joe McCormick. Joe joined the University in 1933 at the age of 14, originally with the Physics Department, where one of his early tasks was to help dismantle the Meccano prototype of the Hartree Differential Analyser. In 1935 he transferred to Electro-technics. When the Baby was built he was Senior Technician in the Department, now called Electrical Engineering. When the new Department of Computer Science was created from the Computer Group of Electrical Engineering in 1964, Joe went with them as Chief Technician, later renamed Laboratory Superintendent. He retired in 1980, after 47 years, having seen the whole progression from Differential Analyser to PC!

Joe in fact did little direct work to help with building the Baby, which was mostly physically done by Tom and Geoff Tootill, but he did produce the blueprints for the diagrams in Tom's famous 1947 report.

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6.Tom Kilburn with Diana Leach

Tom Kilburn with Diana Leach

Dr. Diana Leitch is Assistant Director and Deputy Librarian of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester.

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