Produced by Mark Pilkington

Duration 30 minutes


Turing - Morphogenesis 5.1 is an acousmatic piece of music that conveys the propagation of unrelated sound entities anchored perceptually through their continued presence of energetic characteristics.

The compositional strategies were inspired after reading A.M. Turing's paper on The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis (1952); that mathematically investigates the onset of instability within morphogens. But rather than the agents based within molecular biology the agents are represented as sound particles diffused into a listening space. The source material is derived from purely synthetic sounds calculated by the distribution of electronic audio signals.

The piece gradually creates an ontogenesis sound-world using an abundance of abstract computer generated sounds. As the sounds multiple they begin too coalesce emulating the complex behavior of organic structures. Morphological inventiveness is formed through rapid gestures temporally articulated across a multiplicity of time scales. During production of the composition the creative catalyst was the complex interaction between computer and composer.

The computer acted as a component part of this complex system which intervened in a genuine polyphony of processes. Spatial awareness is promoted within a 5.1 loud speaker array positioned around the space; giving a site-specifc reference to the reception of the work.

Composed at NOVARS Research Centre for Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound Art at the University of Manchester 2012.