Rodney Brooks (MIT)

Turing's Humanoid Thinking Machines

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. (University of North Carolina, Turing Award winner)

Pilot ACE Architecture in Context

Vint Cerf (Google, Turing Award winner)

Turing's Legacy in the Networked World

Edmund M. Clarke (Carnegie Mellon University, Turing Award winner)

Temporal Logic Model Checking

Jack Copeland (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Alan Turing, Pioneer of the Information Age

George Ellis (University of Cape Town, Templeton Award winner)

Turing Centenary Talk: On the Nature of Causation in Digital Computer Systems

David Ferrucci (IBM)

Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of Watson

Sir Tony Hoare (Microsoft Research, Turing Award winner)

Can Computers Understand Their Own Programs?

Garry Kasparov (Kasparov Chess Foundation)

The Reconstruction of Turing's "Paper Machine"

Samuel Klein (Wikipedia)


Don Knuth (Stanford University, Turing Award winner)

All Remaining Questions Answered

Yuri Matiyasevich (Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburgh)

Alan Turing and Number Theory

Hans Meinhardt (IMax Planck Institute for Developmental Biology)

Turing's Pioneering Paper 'The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis' and the Subsequent Development of Theories of Biological Pattern Formation

Sir Roger Penrose (University of Oxford, Wolf Prize)

The Problem of Modelling the Mathematical Mind

Michael O. Rabin (Harvard University, Turing Award winner)

Turing, Church, Gödel, Computability, Complexity and Randomization: A Personal Perspective

Adi Shamir (Weizmann Institute of Science, Turing Award winner)

Turing's Cryptography from a Modern Perspective

Leslie Valiant (Harvard University, Turing Award winner)

Computer Science as a Natural Science

Manuela M. Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University)

Symbiotic Autonomy: Robots, Humans, and the Web

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (Tsinghua University, Turing Award winner)

Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making