Call for Satellite Events

The 6th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR 2012) will be held in Manchester, UK, from June 26th to July 1st, 2012. Satellite events such as workshops and tutorials will take place on June 30th and July 1st. Competitions may take place also during the main conference.

IJCAR is the premier international joint conference on all topics in automated reasoning. IJCAR 2012 is a merger of leading events in automated reasoning:

  • CADE (International Conference on Automated Deduction)
  • FroCoS (InternationalSymposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems)
  • FTP (International Workshop onFirst-order Theorem Proving)
  • TABLEAUX (International Conference onAutomated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods).

Previous editions of IJCAR took place in Siena (2001), Cork (2004), Seattle (2006),Sydney (2008) and Edinburgh (2010).

IJCAR 2012 is held as part of the Alan Turing Year 2012, just after The Alan Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester.

Workshop, tutorial, and competition proposals on IJCAR-related topics are solicited. Proposals that promise to bring new topics of practical or theoretical importance into IJCAR, or provide a forum for more detailed discussion on central topics of continuing importance, are welcome. Proposals that close the gap between automated reasoning and related areas, e.g., formal methods or software engineering, are especially encouraged.

Proposals must contain information sufficient to judge the importance, quality and community interest in the proposed topic. Each satellite event must have one or more designated organizers, and may have a programme committee as well. An international composition of the organization team is particularly encouraged. Events are strongly encouraged to find external financial support. This will be wholly their responsibility.

The organizers of successful workshops will be responsible for their own reviewing process, for publicity (e.g., website), and for publishing electronic proceedings (e.g., on the CEUR-WS website). In addition to that, joint proceedings for IJCAR and all workshops will be made available to all participants on a USB stick. Since the joint proceedings will be assembled via EasyChair, workshop organisers are encouraged to use EasyChair for their submission process. Satellite event organisers will be required to closely cooperate with the Satellite Events Chairs and the IJCAR 2012 local organizers to finalize all details.

Proposals must be limited to three pages and consist of two parts:

  1. A short scientific justification of the proposed topic, its significance, and the particular benefits of the event to the community, A list of previous or related events, with URLs and submission/acceptance/attendance counts should be included if relevant.
  2. The organizational part must include:
    • Title
    • Intended audience. (From which areas do you expect potential participants to come? How many participants do you expect?)
    • Expected duration (for workshops and tutorials: duration from half a day to two days)
    • For workshops and tutorials: indicate preferred dates (June 30th, July 1st, or both)
    • Organization of the event. (Describe the intended format and schedule, talks, demo sessions, tutorials, running time of the competition, etc. as applicable.)
    • Any special technical or AV needs,
    • Potential invited speakers (if applicable)
    • Plans for dissemination, if any (for example, special issues of journals)
    • Organizers’ affiliations, backgrounds and contact details (email, etc.)

Proposals should be submitted electronically to EasyChair at

For further enquiries or information, please contact:

Birte Glimm (IJCAR Satellite Events Chair)
Ulm University
Institute of Artificial Intelligence
89069 Ulm, Germany
Email: birte<DOT>glimm<AT>uni-ulm<DOT>de

Important dates:

Deadline for proposal submissions: 30th November 2011
Acceptance/rejection notification: 8th December 2011
Camera-ready copy of workshop&tutorial notes: 28th May 2012 12th June 2012
Workshop&Tutorial Dates: 30th June, 1st July 2012
Conference Dates: 26th-29th June2012
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