Guest Speakers

We will have evening lectures by people who have made a deep impact in Automated Reasoning. It is our great pleasure to announce confirmed guest speakers:

Peter Andrews, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, gives Wednesday’s afternoon lecture:

Looking Ahead

Abstract: We discuss some of the opportunities and problems which may confront the field of automated reasoning in the years ahead. We focus on various issues related to the development of a Universal Automated Information System for Science and Technology, and the problem of developing institutional support for long-term projects.

Martin Davis,¬†Department of Computer Science,¬†New York University, USA, gives Thursday’s afternoon lecture:

How I Almost Destroyed the ORDVAC and Other Adventures with Ancient Technology

Abstract: I will tell stories about my adventures with computation in
the 1950s including programming the Presburger procedure and how
Davis-Putnam and Davis-Putnam-Loveland-Logemann came to be.

John Alan Robinson,¬†Syracuse University, New York,¬†USA, gives Friday’s afternoon lecture:

Davis, Putnam, UNIVAC, FORTRAN, and other miracles: how I first got involved with computational logic, and what happened next.

Abstract: Recollections of encounters with the people, ideas, machines and
organizations involved with logic and computers in the 1950s and 1960s.
Hopes for automated reasoning, and indeed for Artificial Intelligence in general,
were in those early days exciting but alas, at least some of them have turned out to
have been naively over-optimistic. Nevertheless automated deduction, especially in the form
of proof assistants, has come a long way since then, and I will end my
talk by discussing where I hope further developments in logic and the
epistemology of mathematics might lead.

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     June 2014