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The University of Manchester School of Computer Science launched the UK Schools Computer Animation Competition in 2008 as part of Digital60 - celebrating the 60th Anniversary of "The Baby", the world's first stored-program computer, designed and built at The University of Manchester.

The UK Schools Computer Animation Competition was launched to introduce UK schoolchildren to the fun side of basic programming whilst animating.

The Competition is an annual event, to show schoolchildren that computers can be used creatively, and to stimulate them to learn about programming. The Competition's summer Awards Festival is held in Manchester, when winners receive their prizes, and over 300 guests attend talks and spend time in activity rooms exploring the fun side of computing.

The Competition is open to all UK schoolchildren aged 7-19, and is completely free. Teachers: register here.


In a nutshell...

  • We invite UK schoolchildren aged 7-19 to create an animated film using their computer, and submit it to the competition. On-line submission is now open!
  • The competition is for key-frame animation. Stop-frame animation is not eligible.
  • Entries can be from individuals, or groups (of up to 4 members).
  • All entrants will receive certificates, and winners will receive prizes ranging from laptops to gift vouchers.
  • Winners will be invited to the exciting Animation Festival and Prizegiving day at @ the Martin Harris Centre, Manchester.
  • Entries are submitted in 4 age categories (KS2, KS3, KS4 and 16-plus).
  • The maximum required duration of a submitted animation is one minute.
  • Animations must not be interactive - they must run as standalone animations.
  • Animations must be created using one of a number of approved software packages. You can find the full list of approved software here. We regret we cannot accept entries made using other programs.
  • Read the full rules for the competition.
  • For further inquiries see the FAQs.


Last year's (2011) Animation Competition was a huge success, as the maps below show!

UK Schools Computer Animation Competition is hosted annually by The University of Manchester, School of Computer Science.