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Submissions will be judged according to specific criteria:

  • Originality/creativity
    Is this entry a new idea? Or have we seen it dozens of times before?
  • Theme match
    How well does this submission relate to the theme? Special credit will be given for references to Alan Turing's work or life as part of the game/program.
  • Technical difficulty
    How technically challenging is the implementation?
  • Quality
    How well is it executed? Does it have especially attractive original graphics? Also includes scope of functionality and correctness.
  • Entertainment value
    How much does your entry amuse us? For games, this may be called 'playability'. For simulations or other scenarios, this is 'interesting-ness'.

    Good submissions do not need to score highly on all criteria, but should aim to score high on several of the criteria, and not too low on any.

UK Schools Computer Animation Competition is hosted annually by The University of Manchester, School of Computer Science.